Monday, April 21, 2008

Girls at the Dental School...

It had been a long time since I had cut Justin's hair. So long, that I couldn't even remember the date. I was guessing some time in February. This is so out of the ordinary for him but he wasn't exactly complaining, actually, it was just the opposite. Normally, once the speed wings form on the sides of his head and the curls fall on his neck, he is begging me to cut it.

Not this time. Why was this time different? Ask the girls at the Dental School. He had been coming home with stories of how at least once or twice a week he had received compliments about his we are getting somewhere. Compliments such as...and just to name a few...

"Justin, I have never seen you do your hair, it looks really nice." (he never did his hair until he started seeing patients, AKA-3rd year of dental school)

"You have such nice hair."

"I have the cutest dentist." (from one of his female patients)

Because these compliments had been pouring in, the hair continued to grow.

A month passed, then finals came around. Nothing comes between Justin and his books, not even a haircut. The hair continued to grow...he received more comments, but at this point they were more like...

"Hey, what up Luigi!" - Austen(friend in dental school

"Nice to see you're keeping up the GrEaSy Italian side of the family."

Nevertheless the hair continued to grow... Even to the point of resembling Adam Sandler in the Wedding Singer. (And yes, I might be killed for this next picture, but I will say that it was taken in the morning after a long nights sleep)

He even, to get a little rise out of his mom(who likes her boys' hair cut and clean shaven, don't they all?), shaved a sparse but noticeable stache. Truth is, he shaved because his face was starting to itch.

I was starting to wonder when his breaking point would be. Two months plus later, midterms and finals passed, and four inches of hair growth longer(the longest ever in his whole life), we finally got around to cutting it all off!

Zach too!


amyorr said...

I'm glad he came around and got it cut. I guess he decided that our opinion mattered more than the girls at school. as it should be.

Patrick and Paige said...

I love the Adam Sandler picture. He looks like The Wedding Singer.