Monday, April 14, 2008

Assume the Position...

It's finals week! This picture of Justin studying seems so ordinary and "yeah yeah, so that is what someone looks like when their studying", but it means so much more for me...

Let me number the wayz!
1. Proof of my hub's addiction to Dr. Pepper, which he switched to Diet his second year of dental school, to keep his mannish figure. 2-3 cans are consumed during each study session. That's a lot of DP!
2. Proof of his obsession with zip up hoody sweatshirts, worn daily as his "jacket". He asks for one every year for Christmas. He's up to 5 so far. He owns 2 navy, 1 white, and 2 gray.
3. Documentation of his tedious note taking skills in 10pt. font or smaller. He writes down what he reads(he says it helps him remember it better), and in most cases writes down at least 3 questions to go back to and answer when he goes back and reads through again, for the third or fourth time, during cram time.
4. What I have been looking at night after night for the past three years, til 2am at times.
5. That I've been assured that this is the last week he will ever sit at this desk and study again at night until boards come around.(4th year of school, at least not for 6-9 months!!!)
6. Proof that he can multi-task. Study and listen to itunes at the same time. At the top of his "Most Played List" is Metallica - One. I have suggested that maybe music is more of a distraction, but no, just as the note taking is key, so is itunes.
7. The reason why his back and neck hurt, and is extremely deserving of a message. This position 4 hours per night, 7 nights a week, 52 weeks per year, 3 years of dental school(two much math for me), can't be good.
8. His unmatched motivation and dedication to really learn and know everything he can about dentistry.
"I don't want to just cram to forget about it the next day, I WANT to KNOW it!" - Justin
9. To show my friends what he looks like behind the window. So many friends have said, "Justin studying again? Yeah I saw him in the window at the desk."
10. To remind me of the days when I had my "alone time" at night, after the kids were in bed, doing whatever it is that I wanted to do, watch TiVo, hang out at a neighbors house, catch an occasional movie or dessert with girlfriends, scrapbook, read(OK, maybe once, but still), talk on the phone, waste brain cells surfing the Internet, plan my aerobics routines, grocery shop or just go to bed.
11. The reason why he will make a great dentist someday. He works so hard and has put so many long nights and hours into what he is going to school to become.
12. In all honesty, I admire this picture, because it means so much more than studying for a test for me. Although sometimes the cause of my stress and at times heartache to see night after night, It symbolizes how hard he will work to provide a life for us and our family. I love you!

This list could go on and on. At times this study habit has been the furthest thing away from being my best friend, but I am proud to say he's mine, study habit and all, and that he has worked so hard to get our little family where we are today. I was told in the beginning that the 4 years would go by so fast, and staring at this night after night, I almost lost hope. I find myself now eating my words. A year from now he will be taking his board exams and we will be moving on to the next thing, whatever that will be. HaPpY StUdYiNg!


Ryan & Ashley Blair said...

Ashley!!! Thanks for dropping a message! I am glad to see you are happy and well! I will keep you updated. . . Love,Ashley

The Gregerson Gang said...

What a great post! And so true! It's good to stop and recognize the "good" side of finals. I know I've never done that before. Thanks for posting that and bringing things into a better perspective for me.

Crystal said...

Ahhh! So nice to be done with that FOREVER! It will be over before you know it! He is a serious studier! Is he growing his hair out? It's so curly!

Marostica said...

He and Austen B. both are kind of growing it out. Not really on purpose. Studying comes before cutting his hair I guess.

Bone Junior said...

At least for you, nothing comes before eating an entire molten. I am impressed. Truly.

Ashley H. said...

What an awesome post. It made me laugh to think back to carpool days seeing justin's tiny questions on his packets and how I wanted to try to be smart like him and try that strategy for one of our didn't work. I was totally bumbed. Seriously, I admire you both. He's such a smarty and is going to be the best dentist and you're the sweetest wife! One more day of finals...yeah!

Krystal said...

That was so sweet. I know it really does suck at times, and it's hard, but you said it so good. Behind it all is this amazing man who truly works so hard. Our husbands are the best!