Saturday, February 9, 2008

Max & Erma's Great Deal...

First off lets start by mentioning that for the first time in a month, yes a whole month, I finally did not have to make dinner. We went out to eat. yEaH! Sounds silly, but it is a rare occasion around here.

Ok, now for the goods. I went online to get the phone number to Max & Ermas, a pretty good place to eat that is near our house, for call ahead seating. With kids, it is almost a must if you want to eat at a descent time in order to get them back home and in bed, and still have a Friday night to yourself. Anyways, right as I pulled up the website, there was an ad for $8 off when you purchase $20 or more. That is a great deal! Consider that a free appetizer or dessert, or if you are a larger family and always pass the $20 mark, then its a free meal for one person.

See the coupon for yourself!

If you have a Max and Erma's in your neighborhood stop thinking about what to cook and hurry have 4 days left! Oh and print the coupon off for yourself.


Mark and Amber said...

What a deal! Wish we had a Max and Erma's where we are.

So, Mark is wanting to get an update on the ward out there. Here is his email..

He'd like to catch up with Justin.

amyorr said...

hey hey. Sorry we didn't go with you! I'm glad that you had a break form cooking.