Tuesday, February 19, 2008

He's My Favorite...

Tonight as I was giving Kate a bath, Zach walked in with his Wiggles backpack...this was our conversation...

Mom - "Where are you going with your backpack?"
Zach - "Me and Kate are going to California."
Mom - "Really? Why?"
Zach - "To go see Tyson."
Mom - "Oh really?"
Zach - "Yeah, we need to go to California to see Tyson...He's my favorite."
Mom -"Ok, well are you all ready to go?"
Zach - "Yep"

He then started unzipping his backback and showed me what he thought were the essentials...his pj's and pull-up, and Kate's pj's and her diaper.

Uncle Tyson will be leaving to go on his mission the first week in March, to Fresno, California. I think someone is going to miss him very much!


Bone Junior said...

Too bad Uncle Tyson is a Steelers fan, or I might say he's kinda cute.

Brock and Tyra said...

Tell Uncle Tyson congrats from us! We understand why he would be Zach's favorite.