Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Preston's First Easter...

Things have been busy around here.  We put in the landscaping around the house.  We weren't really thinking we would put it in this soon, but with our mud loving Ryan we had to do something so he could play outside.  You can see in the first picture that he has one of Justin's fishing poles that he has decided makes a good digger, and then in the next picture is Easter with some shrubs in the back.  I do a horrible job taking before and afters of the house. I have a hard time wanting to show off the work that is taking place around here because I feel really fortunate to be able to afford it all but don't want to come off as privileged. Justin and I never thought in a million years we would be able to afford nice things like our new house.  I mean we dreamed about it and we have worked our tails off, especially Justin, but don't want to showcase to brag about it, so my documentation of the process is really horrible!

Anyways...on to Easter! I didn't even attempt new Sunday Easter outfits this year(I am trying to save money) but managed to get a picture of the kids that displays our new found reality perfectly! Zach is becoming too cool for pics as his teen years are soon approaching, Kate is my best helper wrangling Preston, Ryan is as squirmy as ever and never stops, and Preston is becoming very content as sitting up on his own now, which makes us all pretty happy, especially me.  Holding a baby and moving into a house has been no easy task.

We went to Grandma and Grandpa Thompson's house for Easter dinner and had a fun Easter egg hunt for the littles after. Kate and Ryan scored some good lute while Preston sat in real grass for the first time and attempted to figure out just what he should do with a plastic egg. Just as any baby would do his age, he decided to see if it tasted good.

I love this time of year when flowers start to bloom and a new birth of everything starts to take place. I am grateful for our Savior, Jesus Christ, who died for us and was Resurrected on the third day, testifying to me that He lives and that I too will someday be resurrected. I am grateful to live in country that allows me my religious freedom to enjoy these great blessings in my life at this time. Happy Easter!

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