Monday, May 16, 2016

Happy Mother's Day...

My mom does so much for me and my family that words can't simply express how much I love her. I snapped this picture of her and the bouquet that she made for Kenzie Carter's wedding. This is just the tip of the iceburg of all the things she can and does do.  This year she really has come through for us by watching my kids every Wednesday while I go and teach at the studio.  But she doesn't just watch my kids, she cooks, cleans, folds laundry, does hair and plays endless hours of construction site with Ryan. I like to tell her that it all keeps her young and there is truth to that, but in the bigger picture she saves my behind week after week!  And I am forever grateful for her. I hope I turn out to be just as generous and gracious as she is.
In April I surprised Justin's family with a little visit to see Justin's cousin, Erick's, wedding day.  I was in Utah to see my friend Lindsey get married, but would have felt terrible if I didn't take a couple hours to see his side of the family. They were surprised and I was just grateful I caught up with them before they left the temple. As always it was fun to catch up and see each other.  I am so grateful for Justin's mom. We became great friends when we attended Dental School on the East Coast, while we lived and spent many a days at their house in Lewisburg and then in Pottstown. She raised Justin to be the great Dad and husband that he is today, and I will always be grateful for the many sacrifices I know she made and continues to make for me and my family. And I love her!  Now if ony they could sell their house in PA and move closer.  

I am so lucky to have these women to look up to. Happy Mother's Day!

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