Sunday, April 3, 2016


In anticipating the arrival of our fourth child I booked us a trip to Oahu for Spring Break. I just have this feeling that once #4 comes, we might not have as many opportunities to sneak a big trip in as a family. And Justin really needs the break from work but will never schedule one for himself. So like a good wife, I took it upon myself to schedule a vacation for him, for us, for the kids.  

We had never been to Oahu before, but had heard great things about it. Uncle Tyson has always told us we needed to go since attending BYU Hawaii, and our good friends vacation to Ko Olina every summer and swear it's their family's favorite place.  And they were both right!

Oahu is more commercialized than Kuaui, but once you are on the resort the difference is really not noticeable.  We stayed in an amazing two bedroom suite on the 13th floor of the Marriott.  We could have lived here for a month! The kids loved the ocean and the pool was  great too!  Ryan especially loved the hot tubs. We all did actually.  

We played mostly at the resort but took a day to drive up to BYU Hawaii, to see the Temple and visit the Polynesian Cultural Center. The church is truly amazing to me in all its facilities and actvities it provides to spread the Gospel to all who visit this island. We also spent an afternoon in Waikiki on a day that it decided to rain. It's like NYC but in Hawaii.  Pretty safe to say "been there, done that".  I won't ever need to go there again.  But we definitely will be visiting Ko Olina again! What a great trip!

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