Sunday, April 17, 2016

Disneyland 2016...

Once again Kate and I traveled down to Disneyland so she could dance in the parade and perform in their showase.  We left the boys at home because Zach's state cup soccer games started this weekend and Justin had continuing education classes he had to complete in order to keep his license current.   Kate and I were excited to get ourselves to California, but not excited to feel sick the entire trip.  We both came down with the worlds worst colds, but we rallied and made the most of it anyway.  Kate especially!  I am so amazed that she was able to perform through the sore throat and ackiness.  She is one tough cookie! Any time I begged her to take some medicine or asked if she wanted to go back to the hotel to rest she refused.  By Sunday afternoon I was wasted!  My pregnant self was worn out! But not Kate, she was determined to ride as many rides as possible and spend as much time playing with the girls on her team.

I managed to sneak in a few rides while Kate hit them all. I pretty much ate my way through disney.  Between the pulled pork at the Cozy Cone and the Dole Whip in Frontierland I was a happy pregnant girl, even if I was poppin' Zicam like it was candy in between it all.  Thank goodness my good friend Amber lives close to Disney and brought the entire pharmacy with her when she came to watch kate perform with her cute little girl Tessa! I had not seen Amber in five year so it was a great reunion!

Kate rode as many rides as possible with all her dance besties, Elle, Claire, Sally, Keely, Shae, Gabby...the list goes on.  These girls had a great time.  What a great trip despite our illness.  
Thanks to Zicam I was fine by a couple days after we got home.  kate on the otherhand ended up coming home and spiking a fever of 104 degrees, and was so exhausted with whatever the bug was going through her body, that she missed the entire week of school.  I am still amazed and happy we survived Disney again!

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