Sunday, December 13, 2015

How are you 11?...

 Dear Zach,

I think it's time to start celebrating your half birthday.  Because no matter how good our intentions are to make your birthday special, there always seems to be this think called LIFE that gets in the way of making your day extra special.  This year your birthday fell on a Monday which meant school,. then basketball practice, so all we had time for was a late dinner at Si Senor, thank goodness Nate and Dylan could come to make it a little more like a party. And its a good thing they brought out warm churros for dessert because we didnt even have time to blow out candles on your cake!  That go postponed until Wednesday after your school choir performance.  Remember that thing called really got in the way this week, but you are so sweet and didnt make a fuss. I think the sweet gifts you received trumped any thought of a ho hum family birthday year.  

You love Soccer and are reallly good at it. You excel at Math in school and pride yourself on being pretty good at the rest too! The Rubiks Cube is your latest addiction and you can be found most mornings on the couch checking out the latest sports news on ESPN. You are sweet and a pretty great big brother to both Kate and Ryan.  I can give you a lot of jobs(garbage, shower with Ryan) and do them all willingly, for the most part.  Zach we love you and we love being your parents.  You make us so proud!


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