Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Smartest Boy...

Ryan has been practicing his numbers and ABC's.  Check it out!
And we have officially started the toddler phase, as in when I ask Ryan to do something, 99.9% of the time he does the opposite!  It's funny I find him sneaking around very quietly distructing things he knows he shouldn't get into like the pantry, my bathroom drawers, Kate's American Girl Doll stuff, and the computer and all my craft stuff that I have tried to keep hidden. He thinks he's pretty funny too when I ask him to come back or stay by my side and he runs as far away from me as possible.  Seriously, the kid is FAST! Thank goodness the weather has been unusually warm this winter so we have been able to play outside.  The boy loves his scooter and loves to ride it down to the mailbox and back. Finding ways to burn off his energy is a daily goal of mine. Will someone please remind me that I should really appreciate the simpleness of this daily routine. 

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