Sunday, November 2, 2014

Strong Man, Trapeze Artist, Spider Witch, Batman, and Blue Skin...Oh My!

This was Ryan's first official Halloween.  He loved trick or treating! Unfortunately it was cut short because Kate was sick with the flu.  She puked right before she went out the front door to trick or treat.  They trick or treated around our street and she was pooped.  Poor girl.  It's a good thing we went to our ward's trunk or treat the week before to meet her desirable candy quota.  And yes, you bet we handed out toothbrushes!  The reaction from the kids was hilarious. We handed out candy too, so we weren't that lame.

Zach on the other hand made out like a bandit!  He had a soccer game the same time as the trunk or treat so trick or treated with Nate long enough to fill and entire pillow case! 

The Thelins threw another amazing Halloween Party...Carnevil! Everyone showed up as different carnival character.  It's always a good time! I found Justin's muscles at a halloween store and my sequins leotard came from Elite's costume surplus. 

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