Monday, August 4, 2014

Lake Donnelly...

Another two years have past with another Thompson Family Reunion in the books!  This time we went to Lake Donnelly, which is still in Idaho, but just 15 miles down from McCall, where we used to go.  We divided ourselves between two houses and walked the path down to the lake daily to make it all happen.  We had been pretty darn spoiled with our set up in McCall, but the price and temperature of the water was more than right.  We even ventured off the lake, on my birthday actually, to test out the Gold Fork Hot Springs, and ended the day bridge jumping, which was also a new adventure for us all, especially Zach.  He was terrified but peer pressure eventually won, as he conquered his nerves and took the jump.  Confidence was built that day!   

Almost everyone was able to make it minus Aunt Britt and Maddi.  They were in NY!  Both Zach and Kate soaked in having endless cousin time, while Ryan experienced life at the lake for the first time, which included falling off the dock into the water. It never fails that at least one toddler finds their way off the dock. So Uncle Jeff became his fast buddy and our third set of eyes! 

Other notable memories were Kate and Brooke having sleep overs together in Grandma and Grandpa's room, Zach getting up on the wakeboard, even if it was just for a few seconds, and me learning to wake surf without the rope. Fun times had by all!

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