Monday, August 11, 2014

Summer Summertime...

Uncle Andy bought a boat this year! We spent a Saturday on Lake Merwin, in Washington, with them. I have to say that a boat is a recipe for lots of family memories, and Zach getting to wake surf with Uncle Andy will definitely be remembered.  We all got a chance to perfect our wake surfing skills.  And the best best part is you don't wake up sore the next day!  

We also went berry picking with Grandma!  Kate was a great picker.  Ryan on the other had, not so much.  He really enjoyed eating them though. He LOVES raspberries and as he plopped each one in he said "mmmmmmm..." And I learned something new about my mom.  She picked berries every summer for spending money as a kid.  

What's a summer without going to the pool right? Ryan really enjoyed his first summer of swimming.  And with Bethany Athletic Club under construction for a fire that happened in early spring we had the pool practically all to ourselves.

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