Saturday, January 25, 2014

Christmas Eve...

We had another low key Christmas Eve this year.  Uncle Andy and Aunt Mari hosted those of us who were in town.  With the holiday season always being one of Justin's busiest times of the year, its just easier to stay home. I actually have grown to prefer to not travel during the holidays.  It's interesting how things change as we get older.  I use to look forward to getting away for the holidays and now staying home just feels good.  

Mari made a delicious pasta meal and the kids continued the tradition of re-enacting the Nativity.  Ryan surprised us all by walking!  Okay so he has been taking 2-3 steps for awhile, but he finally decided to walk exclusively on Christmas Eve.  Merry Christmas to me!  I love this stage.  The germ freak in me loves when they finally decide to walk instead of crawl and chew on everything in sight.  We ended the night with the kids opening their Christmas jammies and off to bed we went.  Oh and I can't forget to mentions how Kate was so close to asking for her two front teeth for Christmas!  Her smile is going to look interesting for the next year or two...hee hee!

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