Friday, January 3, 2014

9 Years Old...

Zach turned 9!  9!  That happened so fast!  Hard to believe in another 9 years he will be begging to get out of the house.   This year we celebrated with the family.  He really loves a good party on his big day, but its always nice to keep things simple and low key.    He woke up very excited and couldn't get his day started until his gifts from us were opened.  Legos, Nike clothes and new kicks were the hot items this year.  Nike must be killing it with their Nike Elite Socks alone.  It's all he wears and I think he would have been thrilled if all he got was a box full of elite socks.  

Some fun facts about Zach:
  • He LOVES soccer, so much that he plays almost everyday, trains with Justin almost every night, wakes up early in the morning to watch the European leagues on TV before school starts and plays on 3 different teams!
  • Zach loves school and is very self motivated.  When asked he considers himself the 3rd smartest kid in his class.  I am not sure this is really true, but confidence is a great quality so I am not going to squash that.
  • He LOVES tacos!  He could eat tacos day after day and never tire of them.  
  • His favorite movie is Despicable Me 2.
  • His favortie song at the moment is Safe and Sound by Capital Cities.
  • His hobby when he is not with a soccer ball is Parkour.  He and his buddies from school go to an open gym in Beaverton, to test their American Ninja Warrior skills.  
  • The latest rage are Rainbow Loom bracelets and he spends hours making all sorts of bracelets.  What started out as a very tearful and frustrating experience has now become very fullfilling and quite the accomplishment when he make a "cool looking" bracelet.  
We love you Zach and are very proud of you.  You are a good big brother to Kate and Ryan and do a lot favors for me and your dad.  Happy Birthday!

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