Tuesday, October 29, 2013

She's finally 6...

I am happy to report that when Kate tells you she is 6, she really is!  After almost a year of pretending to be older than she is, it's finally official.  And wow, where did 6 years go?  

The festivities this year took place at Playdate PDX.  Her and her little friends(her first ALL Girls party) had a blast running around the place, sliding down the slide, and weaving in and out of the maze of obstacles.  

At 6 Kate can most often be found pretending to teach a dance or school class.  She has quite an imagination.  She loves arts and crafts and can spend hours coloring, writing her name, making jewelry and whatever else involves, scissors, markers, glue and glitter.  She loves tap and jazz and I think I have her slowly taking a  liking to ballet.  I have caught her a few times doing plie's pretending the entertainment center is her bar.  She also is a great little gymnast and cartwheels EVERYWHERE!  Kate is a wonderful older sister to Ryan and will play with him for hours.  She is my best helper!  She even helps Zach, especially with organizing and cleaning his room.  For loving to organize and clean though she can sure leave a trail of evidence of where she has been.  I discover empty snack wrappers and little pieces of paper, with her handwriting written all over them, scattered all over the house.  It makes me angry now, but I know I will miss finding these little treasures one day.   We love you Kate!  

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