Monday, October 21, 2013

9 Months...

Ryan is really starting to grow up fast!  He is learning to leave a path of destruction most places he goes.  For example, things like the entire roll of toilet paper sprawled all over the bathroom floor and what was at one point nicely folded laundry is now strewn in every direction, and wet in various parts from his slobber.  It's a good thing he is the sweetest boy.  He is learning to drink out of a sippy, and absolutely loves pasta!  He is finally sleeping through the night.  It took some crying out and a small move to his own room, but at least we are all sleeping now.  I forgot how much I enjoyed un-interrupted sleep.  He loves to snuggle and loves if you rub his neck lightly with your fingers.  He makes the best crunchy face and has discovered the stairs!  He loves when Kate and Zach get home from school, and has started to say "Da da".  He claps his hands and his new talent is pointing his finger at things.  It's hilarious!  His mouth full of teeth...not so fun.  We might be weening sooner than I thought!  Drawing blood is not normal right?!  Well I think I just figured out what he should be for Halloween.

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