Sunday, February 13, 2011

On Two Wheels...

The cold wintery month of January seems to be to most unlikely month to learn how to ride a bike, but not for Zach.

Fortunately, we have been having some unusually great weather for January here in Portland. So a couple of weeks ago the kids and I were outside shooting some hoops and Kate was riding Zach's old bike. I decided to grab his big boy bike that he refused to learn how to ride this past summer, and began riding circles around him as he was shooting hoops. I teased him a little about how I could ride his bike and he couldn't, in a nice mommy way of course. But then I thought about it and started to ask him if he wanted to try to ride it. I tried to make him feel confident that he wouldn't get hurt because he could touch the ground without falling over because he has grown a few inches. My teasing payed off because although very nervous, five minutes into his attempt to ride a two wheeler, he became a "pro", as he described his new found skill.

I am so proud of him. And more importantly he is so proud of himself. He has become more daring since he learned two weeks ago, and is now picking up more speed and attempting to stand up on the pedals.

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Patrick and Paige said...

WOOHOO ZACH!!!! I love his commentary (pedal straightly) hahahaha. I also love Kate's encouragement. (be careful) :)