Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Rugrats...

That is the name of Zach's Soccer Team. Now that it is all over and done with, I am finally getting around to the pictures..which are sadly not many. Well, I guess I have more but they didn't make the cut for the ol' blog. Anyways, he loved soccer yet again, did you have any doubts? Instead of one game a week though he got to play two. At every single game with the exception of one, Zach scored a goal. Can I get a Whoot Whoot? Thank you 3 on 3 for giving my kid so many opportunities to score a goal, and feel such accomplishments on the field. I have to give a lot of credit to his coach. He was so patient and extremely positive with all the kids, seriously he was so great! Zach really improved a lot. He is way more aggressive than he ever was before and instead of running around the kids to get the ball, he runs staight through them. We can't forget the best part...the trophy! Zach received his first out of all his teammates, which he claims is because the coaches thought he was the most valuable player for scoring all the goals in their last game. SO humble right? I wasn't there to witness because we were in Kuaui, but I like to believe what I hear. He made some great friends, Noah and Adam. These three on the field together were quite the threesome. They are first graders, so the chance that Zach might play with these kids again won't be until high shool. Sad huh? That is unless we all sign up for the same club soccer...which could happen.

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