Monday, November 29, 2010

GO Shutterfly...

Okay, so here we go again...the choice between which holiday card to choose has arrived!!! Luckily shutterfly has made it easy for me this year. Not only are they offering this amazing deal for bloggers, but they have the best selection. Believe me, I have looked. Shutterfly gets a WIN this year in my book. So here are my choices...




And I think I am going to have to design my own calendar for Christmas. All you have to do is upload your photos and they'll do the rest! Great gift idea right? I am thinking the hub might like this in his office at work. My sister-in-law makes one for Grandma and Grandpa every year. We always look forward to what pictures she has used for the annual calendar.

If you are a blogger check Shutterfly out for your great deal! And for the rest of you non-bloggers check Shutterfly out for all your holiday needs. And if you don't get around to that holiday card this year make sure to check them out throughout the year. Who says you can't send out a Valentine's card. We had some friends do that in the past and I loved that idea.


Thompson Family said...

I am not sure I would use either of those cards. They aren't your family, you may not have noticed! Hee hee

The Weeks Family said...

Ash....hey girl. I miss you. Sorry its been soooo long since I've talked to you. I will call you soon. We need to catch up. The kids are so adorable and your trip to Hawaii looked amazing. I miss you girl! So you have to check out my blog post for shutterfly. I used yours for some help if you can't tell. :) You saved me a bunch of money. Love ya girl!