Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Other Pumpkin Patch...

Well I can officially say the rainy season has begun here in Oregon. Ugh... I don't remember growing up thinking that it rained a lot here, but this week I was reminded. My brother Andy was on the phone with me the other night and I was complaining to him, and all he could say was "Ashley, this is Oregon...from the middle of October to July 4th, this is Oregon, with a few days here and there of nice weather." One would think I could remember this...afterall it has only been 15 years since I last lived here. On the brighter side at least it is mostly a light rain and not a down pour, and the amount of green I get to see all year, instead of brown, makes it all worth it, next to the no sales tax.

So every day this week has been rainy except for Wednesday and yesterday. Not too bad right? To take advantage of the dryer day on Wednesday I took the kids out to Sauvie's Island to The Pumpkin Patch. I went with some friends from church earlier this month(when the weather was 80 degrees and bright blue skies), but Zach wasn't with me, so I wanted to give him the chance to go.

I love this patch. You can see Mt. Hood, Mt. St. Helens and all the colored leaves on the trees of Forest Park, even though you are so low in the valley. The kids love it for the cow train ride, the tractor ride out to the actual pumpkin patch, and the hay pyramids they can crawl through and climb on top of.

Last night I surprised them with their glow-in-the-dark Halloween jammies. They ran around the house "Glue-ing", as Kate called it. The skeleton snow angel was by far the favorite glow-in-the-dark action. Why is Halloween so fun? It is becoming one of my favorite holidays.

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Patrick and Paige said...

Oh My Gosh, Those Jammies are so CUTE!!!! Where did you find them? I love them! AWESOME PICS!