Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kate Turns 3...

Kate's birthday was quiet in the sense that we just celebrated with family, but was just right for her. She felt special and considered having all her cousins, that live in Portland, up for presents and cupcakes a party.

Here is my annual birthday list about Kate...
She loves the color purple.
Is never without a purse, or two or three.
Loves "Pimpesses" and her babies Abby and Suzie.
Sings all day long, and especially loves to have music(The Doodlepops) on to accompany her playtime, or can be caught singing Follow the Prophet, I am a Child of God, or Book of Mormon Stories.
Is obsessed with Lady Gaga, and has the Glee versions played over and over and over while in the car.
Loves shoes and clothes, and asks for new ones at least bi-weekly.
Loves getting into make-up and can make quite the mess, especially in Grandma's bathroom.
Is never without a band-aid somewhere on her body.
Has a preference about her hair, and tells me how she wants it styled every day...lately in pig tails like her cousin "Brookie".
Loves "Gynastics", especially the trampoline.
Loves watching Olivia, and can't wait to start pre-school.

Happy Birthday Kate! We love you!

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Chell said...

I can't believe she is 3 already!!