Saturday, April 17, 2010

Look Who Started Soccer...

We are so excited for Zach to be playing soccer this spring. It could not come fast enough. To play for the Parks and Rec teams here in Utah, you have to be in Kindergarten. Well Zach isn't quite there yet because of his late birthday, but he is now old enough, so he is now the proud member of the Cobras!

His first game was today vs. the Cheetas. Get this! Zach scored the FIRST GOAL!!! He was so excited, and of course it happened when I wasn't filming it. Ahhhh, such is life. But he did have some close calls that I got on tape. Check out the footage below. The rest of the game he continued to look over at us and give us the thumbs up. He was half aggressive and half just excited to be with a bunch of boys his same age, all trying to win a game, so much that him and a couple of his teammates did a cheer right smack dab in the middle of the game. Hello! Keep your eye on the ball, take it away and score. It didn't matter, they won 5 to 2. And he had a great time. Way to go Zach!

The game at this level is pretty much kick and chase, but every once in awhile he got a break away.

He is quite the defender. He's got this bouncing thing down pretty good. And he was so close to scoring his second goal.

This is how much he enjoyed it.


Krystal said...

He is so cute! It is one of the best feelings to see your kids play sports...especially soccer! Be glad Zach plays. Trey just likes to run around with the team on game day. He will not go take the ball from anyone. He says "no mom, I will not hurt anyone or make them feel bad I have to share". What do you say to that? It is really hard for me to take becuase Cody and I are all sports. Oh well I guess Trey loves it so thats all that matters. It looks like Justin better get ready cuz his little boy might give him a run for his money! Too cute! Good job Zach

thomfam5 said...

Loving the soccer pictures. Looks like the soccer skills are heriditary!