Friday, April 2, 2010

Grandma Came to Visit...

Justin's mom came into town and stayed with us the first couple of weeks in March. Justin did some dental work on her, and the kids and I got to play with her in between the numbing.

It is always a treat when she comes, escpecially for Zach, for these reasons:
She sleeps in his room, which means he stays up late talking about whatever is on his mind, and up early to get a head start on playing. Even if it is at 5:30am. (This is why my kids don't share rooms...)
She lets him beat her in endless rounds of checkers, and plays along in his make believe world of army guy. (One morning she woke up to him standing over her all dressed up in his army hat, gas mask, and gun(police club) pointing at her.) He was so excited to show her his get-up. Hopefully it didn't scare her away from staying wih us. hahaha!
And last but not least she spoils him rotten with hugs, kisses, gifts, you name it! The word "NO" does not really exist when it comes to him. Kate too actually.

This visit was extra special because Grandma went to school with him. He loved it! He was so proud to take her and show her off to all his friends.

We love having Grandma around and miss not being able to hop in the car to go spend time with her and Grandpa. But hopefully this was the first of many visits to come. We love you!


Em said...

Wow - what a way to wake up!

Rae Lynn said...

I am so sad that I had to leave. I sleeping in Zach's room and talking to him....I miss playing with Kate and REALLY miss having you guys live close to us. Thanks for having me and letting me spoil Zach and Kate. Love you tons!!!

Rae Lynn said...

okay....I meant I love sleeping in Zach's room and talking to him... I think I am still in a coma from so much fun!!!!