Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Apparently, They Do Listen...

I went to the OB on Friday afternoon because we switched insurance and I needed to get a prescription for birth control. Oh yeah, you didn't know?...Justin and I are done. For now anyways. Anywho, Zach had asked me why I was going to the doctor and I had told him that I needed to get the "No Baby Medicine". My friend Val watched my kids for me while I was at the doctor, and her little girl, Gracee, and Zach had this conversation...apparently

Gracee - Zach where is your mom?

Zach - She's a the doctor getting her no baby medicine.

I just think it is funny and cute that he listened so intently to me, and makes me feel like a winner of a mom for having a kid who actually listens to what I say.

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Devon said...

Hope it's as funny when he tells everyone in the new ward though! Such a funny kid!