Monday, December 1, 2008

It's Beginning to Look ...

A lot like ChRiStMaS! Being December 1st, and Zach particularly excited about this time of year, we couldn't go another day without putting up our Christmas decorations. He was so excited and kept telling us "Happy Holidays Guys!" It is fun to start our family traditions and really get into the spirit of the holidays. Kids make the holidays that much better. For Zach Christmas is everywhere, from music in the car to all his Christmas movies that he has been begging me to watch back to back. Kate might have an idea of what is going on, but at this point seems to be the most interested in eating the ornaments. Yes, another year with the ornaments halfway up the tree...

Zach is so excited for Santa to come to our house. When Justin put him to bed tonight he said, "Dad, let's say Christmas Grace." It goes something like this...
Open Shut Them Open Shut Them, Give a Little Clap
Open Shut Them Open Shut Them, Fold them in your Lap
Thank You for The World so Sweet
Thank You for Our Christmas Tree
Thank You for Our Christmas Presents
Thank You Santa Clause.
*Quite the take off from the Grace he says at his Lutheran pre-school before they have their snack.


amyorr said...

Love love Zach! We haven't decorated our tree yet but I'm sure it will look like yours. Ummmmmm......still waiting on the hair picture.

Patrick and Paige said...

I love his Ta Da picture standing in front of the tree arms out stretched. so cute. Love the ornaments half way up. Keep enjoying the season.