Friday, August 8, 2008

"Can I Go...

To MoNkEy JoE's?", is the question Zach has asked me every day, for the past two weeks, since grandma and grandpa treated him and the fam to the newest bounce gym in their neighborhood. It is just like Bounce U or Pump it Up, etc. but is much more kid friendly and parent friendly too! While your kids bounce til they drop you can relax in their message chairs, watch TV, surf the Net, you name it...what a great way to leave the babysitting up to the blow-ups, and for us parents to get a break.

They finally wore out after about an hour. Zach probably could have kept going, but Kate was done.

She loved it though...see for yourself. And see what caused Justin to say "Illegal"...She either was giving him the courtesy laugh, or really did think he was cute, bum knee and all. The question is what was he thinking?
video video


amyorr said...

Looks like a fun place. At first I thought you were filming Justin talking to that girl. SO, is he still considered "missionary?" That was funny.

Krystal said...

How fun is that place, and I mean for all of you? I would love to have one of those around. I can't believe how much Kate loved it. She looks too little to know what to do. I guess she has a cool older brother who teaches her about all the fun life has to offer. The kids look so big. I guess thats what you get with time. I bet you are just loving it. I think it is so fun when they are almost one, and three, well thats the best age right?

The Gregerson Gang said...

We tried Monkey Joe's last week too. Great place! I wanted to go down the slides myself. I think they should build one just for immature adults like me!

You and the fam look great. You kids get cuter every time I see them!