Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Preston Turns 1!

Preston, today you turned 1! It was a gorgeous summer day and I was so excited to celebrate you. And finally a birthday we can celebrate outside! We took you for a swim at our good friend, Ashley Thelin's house in the afternoon and invited family over for cake and presents. You had a great time until Dad decided he would help you dig into your cake. Once that frosting hit your lips you were not happy. Good thing I had a cute friend make you birthday cookies. You liked those!

A little about you...
You are the sweetest baby,
You have the cutest gangly teeth,
You suck your thumb(shh don't tell your dentist),
You love when Zach, Kate and/or Ryan want to play with you,
And have brought lots of joy to one of our most chaotic years to date!

We love you Preston Lee Marostica!

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