Thursday, February 11, 2016

When Weather Permits...

Since Ryan gave up his naps at the end of the year we have had lots of time to play.  His new favorite activity, when weather permits, is riding his bike to look at the construction vehicles on the land that is being developed one street over from us.  He has been mastering his balance bike and loves to cruise the streets.  

We had an unusually warm week in February that allowed me to take him to the zoo for the first time ever! That's how you know you are the 3rd child I guess.  I am hoping to squeeze in a few more "firsts" before the next baby comes.

 He wasn't as big of a fan of the zoo as I thought he would be.  Most kids love to rub their nose up against the fence or window to get as close to the animals as possible.  For Ryan he reacted the opposite way.  As soon as the animals got closer to him the further he would back up. It felt good to get out of the house and do something out of the norm. And it's always nice when you can give one child your undivided attention. Soehow it makes you feel like you are winning in the mom department.

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