Sunday, June 28, 2015

Elite Recital 2015...

Another year, another recital in the books!  This year I taught 5 classes. Pre-dance, Kinder and 6-7 Ballet and Kinder and 7-8 Jazz.  We changed things up a bit and held a ballet recital separate from the the jazz, tap and hip hop recital. The parents were a little worried at first about the time comittment but it turned out to be the greatest choice, and I dont think we will ever be going back to the old way.  It sure cut down on the 3 hour recital program we were making our audiences sit through. 

Kate loved being involved in the Performing Company this year and was so proud do be dancing in so many dances. This is the first time I did not teach any of her classes, and it has been fun to see her confidence grow.  I love that she loves to dance!

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