Monday, May 25, 2015

We Survived Disneyland...

How could we turn down an oportunity to spend a warm weekend in southern California to watch Kate dance? We couldn't, so we finally took the kids to Disneyland!  And we have Kate's Performing Company at Elite to thank for planning our trip. It's a good thing we went with veteran Disney goers, because to figure out all the fast pass, switch pass, majic hour, etc. all by ourselves would have been a nightmare.  Zach and Kate rode every single ride at least 10 times! Their favorite being California Screamin' and Zach's least favorite the Tower of Terror.  Kate liked them all! Ryan and Dad's favorite ride was the Teacups, and like Kate, I liked them all too!  Being with friends all the while was the icing on the cake for us.  We were really nervous about having a toddler on the trip but it worked out to our advantage with all the switch passing we managed to save to then ride on the rides over and over to our hearts content in the evenings, once the crowds died down.  

Another plus was staying in the Grand California which is right on the Disney property. The convenience couldn't be beat and the pool was great too! There were some great highlights, Kate dancing in the parade being the greatest, but also bonding with the other girls on her mini team, meeting JoJo Siwa, from the hit TV show Dance Moms, and just the way Disneyland allows you to forget about every worry or care you thought you had. I would go back in a heartbeat! We loved it! for days!  
 Kate with her best buddy Alyssa. We were on the same flights!


Ryan took great naps!  2 hour stretches complaints here.

Kate wasn't too sure about her first time on Splash Mtn. you can see Disney Veterans, the Anderson family, know how to pose for the camera!

 She learned to love it!
   Ryan was loving Eeyore!
 It's a Small World with baby Cambell.
 Teacups with Cole!

     Zach, Conner and Reese


Nothing like freaking Zach out on the Tower of Terror!

 Disney really knows how to bring the movies to life.

Our favorite late night treat...bacon mac at the cozy cone!


 The mini's, Keeley, Maizy, Renee, Elle, Alyssa and Kate

The entire Performing Company

Their dance, BBQ

The Parade...
 These Crazies!

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