Sunday, December 28, 2014

He's 2!

This sweet boy turned 2!  How does that happen, when I feel like I just had a baby? But we have come a long way from those darn 20 minute naps he took as a baby(thankfully). Having a birthday party a few days after Christmas is a bit tricky and since he still doens't quite understand the whole birthday thing yet we surrounded him with family and some homemade cupcakes and celebrated our favorite little guy. Is it sad that he did not get one present? I am sure I won't be able to get away with that for much longer.

Here are a few of his favorite things:
  • pancakes and lucky charms
  • church and fishies
  • daddy and reading books
  • Elmo, Mickey and Minnie
  • Being outside riding his scooter   
  • Getting his back rubbed
  • Saying "Bye" and "See Ya"


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