Friday, September 5, 2014

Great First Day...

 Zach and Kate had a great first day of school(well technically 2nd day of school because of our trip to Utah).  They are all decked out in their Nike gear, which seems to be all the rage and the trend around here.  It might have something to do with the Nike headquarters being located in Portland, might!  Zach is in 4th grade this year and his teacher is Mrs. Taylor.  She loves sports so I think it will be a perfect fit for him.  Kate is in 1st grade and her teacher is Mrs. Henely.  She wasn't too sure about Mrs. Henely at first because she remembers her from last year and that she taught Kindergarten, but I think it will be a great fit for Kate.  She is a very no nonsense kind of teacher and shoots it straight.  There will be no sugar coating things.  Her class will grow up fast! I am just now beginning to see these years flash before my eyes now that zach is just 2 years away from Middle School! Ahh!  

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