Sunday, June 29, 2014

Easter and the hunt...

Toddlers and dying Easter eggs is not my favorite mix to be honest but you can't not let them have a try at it. So as much as I allowed Ryan to try, we successfully dyed a dozen eggs and managed to only tip over one of the dying cups. I left a lot of the dying up to Kate this year.  She was the pro!

On the actual day of Easter Kate came running into our room at 4:30am telling me that Zach was puking!  Great!  Our great plans to go to church as a family to celebrate the real meaning of the day suddenly took a turn.  He was feeling a little better by the end of the day so we quaranteened him at Grandma's house for dinner, and let him out for a bit to do the Easter egg hunt.  In a few years he will be too old, isn't that crazy to think about? 

Halle helped Ryan find some eggs for himself.  Once he discovered there was candy inside he was good to go. After Easter was over I knew that if I didn't hear him for awhile, I could always find him in Kate's room helping himself to Kate's Candy stache.  

Easter is always a great Holiday as long as the sun comes out, and this year it did!



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Emily said...

It's SO green there! I miss that so much about Portland.