Friday, February 21, 2014

It Finally Snowed!

February delivered the best winter storm.  The timing of it was a little off, ruining our plans to take my mom to San Francisco for her 70th birthday.  But if you know my mom, you know that her favorite thing is being snowed in and not being able to go anywhere.  Sounds bizarre but knowing how little snow we get here in Portland, and knowing that it doesn't stick around long, we LOVE whatever we can get!

The kids got excused from school 2 hours early, and the excitement continued for the next 4 days.  In some spots we received a trace of snow, and in other spots we received over a foot of snow from all the wind and snow drifting that went on.  After the first night of snow it cleared up just enough for little Ryan to experience his first snow.  He loved it!  Justin took him on the sled and he lasted for about 2 hours until he started to get hungry and his hands and feet started to get cold.  By the aftenoon it started to snow again and didn't quit until the next morning, so chances for Ryan to get back outside quickly diminished.  Zach and Kate were outside that entire first day sledding like crazy, building jumps, and playing with friends.  By the second day they were in and out.  The wind and snow combined made sledding a bit colder.

By Staurday night the freezing rain set in and the snow was covered in a sheet of ice.  Kate went out for some last minute sledding and ended up sledding down the hill with her face instead of the sled.  Ouch!!!  She and Justin thought it would be fun to create a dog pile with her and all the boys from the neighborhood on one tube.  The higher the weight the faster you go, well until somebody gets hurt.  It didn't stop her from getting out and sledding the next day though.  She is fearless!  What a fun weekend spent with the whole family snowed in! Oh and Zach discovered his new favorite sport, snowboarding.

For the record there is such a thing as cabin fever.  By about the third night we all were itching to get out.  The old saying that family are like fish, they stink after three days, is true. Hahaha!  We take for granted how convenient life is until snow slows us down.

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