Saturday, May 11, 2013

Getting Adventurous...

Let's pretend that Spring Break was just last week, forget that I might be a little behind in my updates, and be proud of us for getting out of town with three kids...our new normal.  Growing up I never went anywhere for Spring Break.  I am not complaining but I have memories of not doing anything and our goal this year was to break that tradition!  Although Justin had to work we managed to squeeze in a short day trip to the beach and a weekend in Seattle.

Luckily Aunt Marnae had similar memories to mine and scheduled the beach house for her family over spring break.  So we dropped our "to do" list and invited ourselves down for the day to play with her, Brian and the boys.   The weather was unusually warm and sunny.  I think we were blessed because this was Ryan's first trip away from home and my first outing longer than three hours since having Ryan.  The kids had a great day swimming with their cousins and trying out the skate park, which was a first for them.     

 Justin scheduled a CE course up in Seattle so towards the end of the week the kids and I tagged along with him.  We attempted Pike's Market which was fun but busy, especially for a stroller. Our next stop was the American Girl doll store to pierce Kate's Kit doll's ears.  Did you get that?  After Kit's ears were complete, Kate just couldn't wait to get her ears pierced, so off we went to Claire's in the mall.  We ended our short little vacay with a yummy Maggiano's dinner and swimming back at our hotel.

So there you have it!  Life does exist after three.  We survived Ryan's first road trip and Kate getting her ears pierced.  Success if you ask me. 

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