Sunday, March 3, 2013

Ryan's Blessing...

We blessed Ryan the same weekend Zach got baptized.  We figured it would be better to do them both in the same weekend while Grandma and Grandpa Marostica were here.  Crazy busy? Yes!  Especially with Kate getting the flu and me having strep throat on top of it all.  But definitely worth it!  Thank goodness Grandma and Grandpa were here to take care of us...we needed it!  And my parents and family here picked up my slack with hosting everyone at their house and providing the yummy brunch after the blessing.

Ryan was as sweet as could be.  I had just barely got him to sleep when it was time for Justin to take him up. Being the light sleeper that he is, we were all nervous that he would wake up and cry through the entire thing, but he was such a champ and stayed asleep. Justin gave him a wonderful blessing and both he and Zach bore their testimonies during the meeting.  I am so lucky to be a mom and have this little family of mine. It was a "count my blessings" kind of weekend.    


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K-Krew said...

Thanks for sending the baby announcement. So cute! Sounds like a busy weekend of milestones. Congratulations!