Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Earlier this month Justin bought tickets for all of us to go see Jimmer play the Blazers. We were a little nervous he wouldn't get any playing time, but he got enough for us to watch him sink a few three's! We might have been the only one's in the entire Rose Garden cheering, but what a good time. Zach brought his picture of Jimmer and sported his jersey. We screamed BYU! No one had to question who our loyalty was with. We did however cheer on the Blazers all for a free chalupa. Kate went to bed that night asking when she could get her chalupa. After the game was over they had a special court shooting for all the BYU alumni. Zach was all over that. What a great family night.

And without fail, another blurry picture. I think a new camera is in my future. If I keep thinking it, maybe it will happen.

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