Saturday, January 21, 2012

Our First Christmas...

Our first Christmas with just the four of us rather. I have to admit I was a little worried that the excitement of Santa coming and the opening of presents would go by so quickly, and that we would end up looking at each other thinking is that it? I worried for nothing.

The Nativity story was reenacted. Santa worked overtime on Kate's kitchen that came with over 200 screws. Justin and I went to bed later than usual. The kids woke up earlier than usual. Zach finally got his DSi. Kate got her dog, that walks. Justin got a book about poop...long story. I got my boots. We went to church to help us remember the true meaning of Christmas, and I hosted my first Christmas dinner.

What was going to feel like a low key Christmas, ended up being just the Christmas we needed. It helped that my brother Jeff and his family came into town at the last minute. Zach and Kate love having them around. Lots of cousin time was consumed!

Santa brought a Kitchen for Kate and a Lego Table for Zach!

Kate with her dog Charlotte. At least that was her name today when I asked. It changes frequently!

Finally! His very own more having to watch over some one's shoulder.

Justin's poop book. It is actually a pretty funny read.

And in case anyone wondered what I look like when I wake up...wonder no more.

Justin has been wanting a sweater vest. Don't ask. I don't have answers, but he loves it and wears it every Sunday.

A big shout out goes to Grandma Raelynn for my table make-over. The top used to be brown. She sanded it a million times and painted it a million times while she was out visiting in September. Let's just say it took a lot of patience that I clearly do not have. Her hard work made for a festive table setting though. I think I could get into the whole entertaining thing. I see why people collect dishes.

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