Sunday, October 2, 2011

Secretly Loving Attention...

Anyone who knows Kate, knows she runs very hot and cold when it comes to giving her attention. She will come downstairs in a cute headband or bow in her hair, and the minute you tell her how cute it looks, the next she is ripping it out of her hair, and telling us "Don't look at me!" Getting a picture from her can be so difficult and then at other times she loves it and poses willingly. I used to get frustrated but am proud to say that I have graduated to the whatever stage. They are who they are.

The day she received her new (hand-me-down) "lillytards" from her cousins Lauren and Maddi, in the mail, was a great day. She changed into this purple leotard and headed outside to show it off to all the neighborhood kids faster then I could blink. I had to capture her excitement...and she let me.

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The Skinners said...

Shes so funny! Im glad she let you get some good pictures. Shes a cutie!