Friday, September 9, 2011

Zach and Kate's First Day...

Zach started first grade at his new school, Bonny Slope Elementary, this week and has come home everyday just loving it! He has gotten himself ready every morning, dressed, lunch packed, even teeth brushed. Zach's teacher is Mrs. Weber. Her room is OCD organized so I love her already!

Kate has also been getting herself ready for school, especially with making sure her bed is made, boy I hope this routine lasts long. She finally started pre-school. This has been a long time coming. She has been more than ready, even though she won't let you know she loves it...she does! Her teachers are Miss Patty and Miss Valerie, aka "Miss Valerina". They are high energy. I guess you would have to be if you are going to be a teacher to pre-schoolers.

This week has been crazy busy with errands, soccer practice, etc. and it will only get worse as next week we add the second soccer team, gymnastics and dance to the already chaotic schedule. But I have loved watching these two take on some responsibility and can' believe how independent they are becoming.

PS - I think it's time for a new camera!

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K-Krew said...

Man they're getting so big! But it's nice when they love school and are becoming more independent. My kids are the same way.