Sunday, May 15, 2011


Zach is playing T-ball for the first time. It's pretty cute watching a bunch of bobble heads running around bases. But let's just be honest, the game is played little too slow for Zach. In yesterday's game there was a little girl on the opposing team taking a few aims at the ball on the T before actually attempting to hit it off of the T, and Zach yelled, all the way from outfield, "Hurry Up!" Maybe not putting him in coach pitch was a mistake. I just wanted him to start easy, so he could learn the basics and wouldn't be afraid of a ball flying at his face.

Even though it is on the slow side, he does love being up to bat, and loves when the ball gets hit anywhere near his direction. I am impressed with him really. The first time he fielded a grounder, playing short stop, he immediately tagged the runner coming from first. It took everybody by surprise, including Justin and me. Way to go Zach!

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Sean and Candace said...

He looks like a natural! Get him in Single A ball next year. It's coach pitch for a few tries and then they hit off the tee if they don't get a hit.