Wednesday, September 8, 2010

McCall 2010 Finally...

Every summer my side fo the family gets together for a week up in McCall, Idaho for a little water fun on Payette Lake. The grandkids are outnumbering the adults!!! I have waited awhile to post these pictures because my sister Paige and sister-in-law Mari, also took pictures, but they have fancier cameras than I do so I wanted to be able to link up to their posts of McCall. SO you can check out their pictures HERE, HERE and HERE in addition to mine. Needless to say we had a great time!

Zach took part in his 1st Polar Plunge. He looks up to his older cousins and is always up for the challenge to do whatever they are doing.

Kate and Heath really took a liking to each other. Check out their Bubble Party they had HERE. Here is a sneak Peak...

Here are all the grandkids...19 and we knew one more was on the way with Paige. But Heather secretly knew she was pregnant with her fourth, so that will make 21!

This year Zach was always up for a run on the Aqua Glide. With Parker and Alec in tow Zach would do all his "cool tricks". Watch the video for more. We got Kate to ride it too. You wouldn't know it from the picture but once we got started she was all giggles.

And of course the annual family picture.

Zach had his fair share of water fights.

As for Kate she was either hanging out on the dock or in Uncle Jeff's boat for a ride to the gas station for ice cream.

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