Sunday, January 4, 2009

Twelve Pics of Christmas...

We had a great Christmas break this year. It all started with making gingerbread houses over at our friends, the Kinghorn's, house.

Zach is still eating the candy off of our house. Once Justin was done with his finals, we flew to Utah to see my nieces perform in Ballet West's Nutcracker, and to visit family.

Lauren was a Party Girl, and Maddi was a Bafoon. They are so talented. They take after their aunt of course. Ha ha just kidding, but they really did do a great job! While we were in Utah it snowed and snowed and snowed, Zach was so excited to go sledding.

He even learned to snowboard on his cousin's sled/snowboard, and in true boy fashion, learned what a snowball fight was. He loved nailing his cousins(he called them his brothers), Alec and Parker.

On Christmas day, Santa delivered Zach his first set of drums. Let's just say it was one of the loudest Christmas' to date.

He loved them so much, he even loved the box that Santa left for him to be able to put his drums back into for our move that will happen this coming May.

Santa brought Kate her first Kitchen. She loved her new toys, but could have cared less about unwrapping a single gift.

Santa brought Justin his new ipod touch. It gets the Internet, so you can imagine what he was doing over the break. Thanks Santa!

Santa brought the guys in the family Rock Band. Fun game...if only it didn't make me so darn dizzy.

We took the kids bowling for the first time. Justin and I hadn't been since college.

What great form right? Too bad I won both games though. Better luck next time babe.

Other outings included a Shady Maple Breakfast, post Christmas shopping, bouncing at Monkey Joe's, a date to see The Curious Case of Benjamen Button, and desperately needed new haircuts.
Zach played several hours on these drums. I guess you could say he was everyone's 9am alarm clock as well.

Kate learned how to Jump!


Patrick and Paige said...

Oh Man!!! I bet your neighbors just love you!! what a racket!!!I love kate's new kitchen. so cute. I thinks it's sad and funny that the cat is in a cage. poor thing, that makes me laugh. cute christmas pics.

Marostica said...

Paige, the dog is blind, so the little kennel is his safe haven.

thomfam5 said...

Looks like you guys had fun. IT will be interesting to see where you move...

Krystal said...

Well it looks like the you guys had as much fun as the kids! I love the picture of Kate bowling. It is so fun when they can do it themself! Don't you just love Rock Band? It is so fun, but Cody and Trey just don't know when enough is enough! Santa might not love it for too much longer!!! Well I hope life is good. So do you know where you guys are going? Don't you just love that question, I remember those days. The only problem was we just kept saying we don't know yet! I am so glad we are done with that part of our life. Good luck, and Congrats your almost done! How does is feel? Miss you guys.

The Skinners said...

Merry Christmas! It looks like you had a fun one. Santa is very nice to bring drums.... I dont know if I would let him do that at my house! But then again, we do lots of things for our kids that we never thought we would right? You are a cute fam... I love the fall pictures... they turned out BEAUTIFUL!

Tyson said...

HAHAHAH brandon looks Amish in the picture of us playin rockband