Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Coldest Easter Egg Hunt to Date...

Aren't Easter Egg Hunts supposed to be on a bright, green, grassy knoll, with butterflies flying around the kids, dressed up in their pastel Easter outfits, searching around flower beds for hidden treasures, that the Easter Bunny has left for them to find? If you live where I do...then not so much.

Instead the Easter Egg Hunt is in a cold, wet, muddy playground, with snow flurries falling down on the kids, dressed up in their snow gear, searching around dirt and playground equipment for hidden eggs filled with frozen candy, they perceive to be left, lovingly, by the Easter Bunny.

Yesterday Zach and I bundled ourselves up and went to Elmwood Park, in Norristwon, to pick up trash in the park. Our church took part in helping the community pick up trash, that is littered around the park throughout the year, as part of a service project. We found tons of trash, things from a shoe(a woman's high heel to be exact...I felt like I was discarding part of a crime never know...we are in Philly after all) to plastic dinnerware, down to cigarette butts. I had a fun time asking Zach if something belonged in the park and having him respond, "NO, that doesn't go in the park!" I think Zach had a fun time watching me pick up trash while he played on the playgrounds.

Halfway through, it started to lightly snow(snow?YES...I can't wait for winter to be over, and it is for this reason that Easter should never be in March!). By this time we had been there for a little over an hour. A lot of us had small children there and were ready to call it day. Zach had been complaining of being "freezing" and his hands were starting to go numb. The kids were able to hold out just long enough the throw the trash into the dumpster and do the Easter egg hunt the organization hosting the park clean-up had set up for the kids that participated. Zach picked up as many eggs as he could find, took a quick swing with his girlfriend Camden, grabbed a little snack, and headed home to get a hot shower to defrost.

I hope when we go to the Elmwood Park Zoo, once the weather gets nice, that he will remember picking up the trash in the park as we drive by.

Where's Justin and Kate? Justin was down with a sore throat, so opted to stay home with Kate. I wasn't about to take her out in the cold. After two bouts of RSV and this being the second weekend in a row(cross your fingers) that she hasn't been sick with something since January, I wasn't taking chances.

This pictures is from November, Kate was a month old, but isn't it fun to see how much she has grown? What a handsome daddy she has huh?

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Val said...

Kinda glad, ok really glad, I had to miss the clean up/hunt! Unfortunately I was in NYC watching Wicked! But, love your kids none the less and Kate is such a doll. Austen was laughing when I showed him the pics of Zach with his drum set! What a fun boy! I want one!